Riciclantica Alluminio Rigato

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Thanks to the research and application of special innovative technologies, this kitchen programme is the one that most closely respects the four main principles of eco-compatibility:
minimum consumption of raw materials and energy, durability, recyclability and non-toxic finishes.

Thanks to a door that is only 2mm thick, the first in the world, Riciclantica represents the most advanced technology to express the shape of lightness: it is the utmost expression of design based on dematerialisation. A door consisting in a very resistant aluminium structural frame and a sophisticated, very slim yet sturdy, finishing panel. Using special materials such as carbon, aluminium, steel and layered laminate, and now even glass, the accurate planning of construction details thanks to which each joint is perfectly flush fitted with no use of screws and screw caps and its high resistance to water, steam and heat, contribute to making the Riciclantica door unique in the furniture world.

Riciclantica evolves. And so do its doors.

Due to innovative machining, the door surface is capable of transmitting a feeling of organic deformation to the sight and touch:new shapes and volumes inspired by nature bring the Riciclantica door to life, almost as if real life were pulsating in matter.

It is sufficient to remember that the door is made of 100% aluminium with no screws:a detail that means total recyclability and is the utmost expression of the concept of dematerialisation, even avoiding disassembly. A door that has an absolutely low impact on the environment and protects our tree heritage (85% reduction on the materials used compared to a traditional door) thanks to the use of a wooden finishing panel that is only 2mm thick.

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