Vorgestellt:Interieur 2010, Kortrijk
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Achieving the best possible result using as few means as possible. This is the starting point of designer Coen van Ham. The brochure rack FOLDR reveals what he means by this. The transparent appearance contributes to the strong look of the functional desi

gn. FOLDR forms part of the van Esch collection in Goirle. The family business was established in 1972 and specialises in the production of cloakroom systems and hall accessories. The idea for FOLDR was conceived from a need: most brochure racks only ha

ve room for a limited number of brochures. The solution that van Ham came up with for this is based on the four spacious shelves on which several magazines and brochures can be placed. ‘But most importantly perhaps is the fact that the focus has been enti

rely on the brochures and magazines, and not on the product,’ says the designer. ‘It is in fact a perfect tray for the lively covers of beautiful magazines and corporate sales brochures.’

Breite280 mm
Höhe1400 mm
Tiefe145 mm

van Esch, Niederlande

Coen van Ham