Borderline Stehleuchte

  • Borderline Stehleuchte
  • Borderline Stehleuchte
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Two shells are joined to form a borderline between dark and light, shade and diffusor. They’re bound by three Velcro bands, leaving the shell edges free of metallic joints. When the lamp is on, the inner white shell diffuses a soft, comfortable light, whi

le the indirect light emitted from the top gives the impression that the lamp is floating below the ceiling. The contrast of black ABS outside and opal white acrylic inside is striking even when the light is off. The three elements – shade, diffusor and V

elcro tie bands – are clear and visible features in the design and make the lamp easy to maintain. No manual is needed to change the bulb. The standard versions include either a 60W fluorescent lamp or dual 60 and 55W fluorescent lamps for extra illuminat

ion, enabling the use of Borderline in different spaces. The Borderline family of lamps includes floor, suspension and ceiling versions.

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