w182 pastille Wandleuchte

w182 pastille Wandleuchte
Vorgestellt:Orgatec 2018, Köln
Kategorien: InnenleuchtenAufbauleuchtenWandaufbauleuchten

w182 pastille illuminates surfaces

Unlike anglepoise lamps which are articulated to illuminate areas in a focused way, or table or pendant lamps that illuminate rooms in an ambient way, w182 pastille thinks of life as a series of surfaces - a table, a wall, a floor etc. and can be articulated to move between them. In this way, w182 pastille is able to create a new kind of gentler light output that is complimentary to spatial conditions and how we would like to live and work.

w182 pastille is malleable

Because w182 pastille is made from an advanced polymer - made possible because of LED technology - it has a warmth to the hand when being adjusted. It's simple volumes are all based on a circle and can be manipulated by the hand anywhere - the stem, the base, and the head - with great ease and satisfaction.

w182 pastille pushes the LED to its limits

w182 pastille creates a remarkable spread of light that is warm and dimmable - all from a single LED rather than an array. This reduces heat, build up and keeps the lamp affordable. It was achieved after a lengthy process of refinement between its single light source, a large reflector and large diffuser. The result is a new kind of simplicity where the diffuser itself is as malleable with the hand as any other part of the lamp, creating a holistic product.

w182 pastille acknowledges spatial conditions

'Because w182 pastille is about illuminating surfaces, great attention was paid to how its wire could be threaded thru space. It can hang over a desk, with the switch always reachable on the product itself, rather than the cable. It can be integrated into a wall or desk surface with no visible cable. It can be clamped to a surface or hung on a wall, stand on a desk or a floor.

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