Shower Plus


Since its foundation, with a constant commitment to the production of desirable experiences and seductive ideas, Zucchetti once again expresses this vocation in the SHOWER PLUS collection, a huge range of showerheads that promises to transform the shower into a sensorial path that involves and reawakens all the senses. Chromotherapy, aromatherapy and water-therapy are the experiences offered by this line of products dedicated to wellness and personal care. These hi-tech functions have been built into big-impact shower heads that are also pleasing to the eye, available in different dimensions and suitable for home or contract use. Wellbeing can be chosen and personalised to suit personal needs and taste: coloured light to improve the biological functions of the nervous and immune system, aromatic stimulation to rebalance the mental, physical and energy spheres, various types of water jets, like the soft, nebulised rainfall ones to reduce stress or cascade jets to give a boost of energy. All the Shower Plus shower heads can also be combined with the best and most recent thermostatic technology, available for all the Zucchetti mixers’ collections. The thermostatic mixer keeps the temperature of the water constant for the duration of the shower, guaranteeing maximum pleasure and relaxation as well as safety and comfort for all family members, avoiding the risk of accidental scalding. The thermostatic valve in fact mixes the hot and cold water to the set temperature and reacts immediately to any variation in pressure or temperature in the water supply, regulating the mix of hot and cold water again. More than 35 different models of shower heads and multifunctional systems, available in various finishings, can be combined with thermostatic mixers and Zucchetti exclusive accessories (blade flow spouts, lateral jets, handshowers), to design truly personalised shower environments, really built according to everybody’s wishes.

Water therapy: rain, blade, spray mist, tropical or in line water jets.
Chromotherapy with led RGB system that allows to choose one single colour or the colour rotation.

Aromatherapy available in 3 fragrances:
Relax – a pleasant and relaxing bouquet that combines the fresh notes of citrus, with the unmistakable jasmine.
Energy – ideal to start the day with power, it has a fresh and fruity aroma, characterized by lilac, iris and rose.
Flowers – this sensual, hot and strong aroma is characterized by lemon, bergamot, bitter orange and cinnamon.

A simple and functional touch display allows to effectively manage all options of the multifunction shower systems.


Zucchetti, Italien