Design in times of crisis

This year's Forum Mediendesign will take place at the Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln on 24 September from 11 am to 5 pm, offering a diverse programme with international guests, from product design and set design to documentary film and project management.

Since 2007, the Forum Mediendesign has been organised as a design conference by students for students – the focus is on personal exchange between the guests on stage and the audience about social developments such as the contribution of media design to a better future. The current programme addresses how design can exist in the field of tension of conflicting forces and to what extent creatives can react to international crises. It shows how the diverse approaches of design can help formulate statements, convey messages and contribute to mutual understanding in challenging times. Guests include management consultant and designer Lani Adeoye, who draws on traditional practices with contemporary design from Africa and was recently awarded the Salone Satellite Award. There will also be a talk by author, journalist, director and producer Hauke Wendler, whose film "Monobloc" this year highlighted the plastic chair of the same name and its international popularity. Mariia Manuylenko, project manager of the poster festival "International Triennial of Ecoposter - The 4th Block", will also present exciting impressions from her portfolio. For this and other social projects, she uses the language of design to change people's attitudes to the environment and to themselves. Admission is free, pre-registration is requested. (am)

14th Forum Mediendesign at the Museum of Applied Arts Cologne
on 24 September 2022 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

at the Museum of Applied Arts Cologne (MAKK)
+ Lounge Party afterwards in the courtyard of the museum