Sustainably clean

In the form of the new “TwistFlush” technology Villeroy & Boch has developed a system that saves money and facilitates cleaning.

Making the best possible use of water is a challenge in developing sanitation products. Villeroy & Boch has taken on the challenge – successfully: “TwistFlush” is the name of the new technology that relies on the force of a controlled water vortex to clean the interior of a toilet thoroughly with a single flush. “We have redesigned the shape of the siphon so that the power of the vortex ensures excellent flushing, and the water is drawn into the waste water system at the right point,” explains Dr. Jean-Christophe Legrix, Director Research & Development – Bath & Wellness at Villeroy & Boch.

The company spent a full three years developing the new technology, and it is an investment that certainly pays off, because in combination with the models in the new Subway 3.0 collection “TwistFlush” produces a perfect result: The conically shaped rimless bowls have extra smooth walls making it difficult for dirt to stick. In combination with the strong flush, bacteria does not stand a chance. The bowl is also finished with CeramicPlus that liquids simply run down. Moreover, the silver ions of the AntiBac provide almost 100-percent protection against bacteria. Thanks to the even flushing action spraying water is also a thing of the past and aerosols can be reduced – two further points on the check list for maximum hygiene in the bathroom. And a further advantage of the vortex system is that compared to conventional models the flushing sound is considerably quieter. In fact, this quiet flush means that “Subway 3.0 TwistFlush” meets the DIN 4109 and Sia181 noise protection standards.

Early on in the development effort, Villeroy & Boch aligned the expert technical inputs with market requirements. “Customer perspective and production perspective,” is how Dr. Jean-Christophe Legrix refers to this and explains: “It is an important part of our work to convert an idea for a product into something that is feasible and is easy to produce. Which is why development means understanding and integrating all the perspectives on the product.” For the “TwistFlush” technology this also meant comprehensively highlighting the means of saving water: Villeroy & Boch toilets use a maximum of 4.5 liters per flush. Thanks to the benefits of “TwistFlush” a single flush is usually sufficient. According to the calculations of the sanitation product manufacturer a four-member household can save up to 19,700 liters of water a year with this system when output is compared to a conventional 6-liter flush* – a real achievement by the interdisciplinary team work of Villeroy & Boch. “Ultimately, we have people to thank for innovations. Together we have succeeded in creating a product that both works wells and is also a success on the market,” says Dr. Jean-Christophe Legrix. (am)

*France: 17,500 liters

TwistFlush - The vortex power that saves water | Villeroy & Boch