SCP, United Kingdom

Donna Wilson

Stylepark-ID: 01.1924.00016
Categories: Interior accessories Living room / Office accessoriesCushions
Product description

SCP and Donna Wilson have together produced the Nos Da Collection, a range of blankets and cushions that preview in Milan. The wool for this collection is specially spun and dyed in England and then woven in Wales by a traditional Mill that has been in th

e same family for over a century. By utilising a time-honoured double cloth weaving technique, Donna Wilson has created a pleasing multi-layered aesthetic, full of colour and character. SCP and Donna Wilson are delighted to extend their product portfolios

and to tap into the rich thread of British textile heritage.

Width 5000 mm
Depth 5000 mm
Functions unspecified
Base functions unspecified
Armrest functions unspecified
Table top shape unspecified
Material wools
Colors black
shades of orange
shades of red
shades of green
shades of yellow
shades of blue
shades of brown
shades of beige
shades of grey
shades of violet
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