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Vorgestellt:Salone del Mobile 2018, Mailand
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Dado is a very comfortable modular sofa that arises from a precise set of proportions, volumes and color. The geometry of Dado, graphic and essential, contains a series of subtle details. Its upholstery proposes a combination from the main fabric, the welting and to a series of small bands that define the shape of the seat, especially the seam that, matching or contrasting, frames the interior upholstery that distinguishes its design. Dado allows multiple combinations adding different elements: corners, central modules, chaise longue and footrests of different sizes and depths, that facilitate their integration into public, work or private spaces.

Dado is a series of modular sofas, available in two different widths, with a wide compositional offering that includes central modular elements, left and right corner, chaise longue, lounge chair with two arms and footrest. The central modules are available in two different widths (800 x 800 and 620 x 800mm). Corner modules are available in 800 x 800 and 965 x 800 and the right and left corner chaise lounge sofas are available in two sizes of 80 x 1440 and 965 x 1440. The single-seater lounge chair with two arms is offered in a single dimension (950 x 800) and the footrests also have four different versions: 1) 800 x 80 wide square version; 2) 800 x 620 wide rectangular version; 3) 620 x 620 small version and 4) 1200 x 1200 large version. A connection system is also available for the different modules of the collection that make possible its modular composition and the sum of elements.y la suma de elementos.

Andreu World, Spanien

Alfredo Häberli