Flex Bürostuhl


Of all the interpretations of Flex, this is the most generous in terms of volume, presence and comfort. This year it is presented with new options of finishes, such as the padded seat and backrest, in the full range of colors for its thermoplastic shell and bases. Flex Corporate wins in seriousness without losing freshness or contemporaneity. With these new versions, the Flex Corporate options are multiplied. There is a version or a finish able to respond, aesthetically or functionally, to any type of space, at work, in public spaces or in the private sphere.

Flex offers this new padded seat and backrest version in all its chair and armchair configurations and retains its different base options available for the Flex Corporate series: 4-legged steel tubular base; cantilever base, swivel central base with self-return system; swivel central base with 5 casters and pneumatic height adjustment.

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Andreu World, Spanien

Piergiorgio Cazzaniga