Manfred SF 2090

Manfred SF 2090

Manfred from Andreu World is a program of modular sofas, suitable to be combined together or to be free, ideal for relaxing and waiting areas of high representation. Thought for the scope of contract workspaces or large lobbies, for example, the system consists of an individual lounge chair and a two or three couch and ottoman, with optional wooden arms on all versions. The lines of the Manfred recall a padded body and comfortable place to rest which can be a great experience. Manfred is mainly characterized by its large presence, comfort and adaptability. Manfred sits on a base perimeter that is slightly tilted inward, which is specially designed for organizing and cleaning the surrounding space. Manfred is a seating collection that meets the most demanding tests of endurance, such as ISO level 5 and ANSI BIFMA. Additionaly, it is made of recyclable materials following a manufacturing process that respects the environment and sustainability. The wood used comes from reforested forests that meet the FSC® certification (Forest Stewardship Council).

Breite800 mm
Höhe810 mm
Tiefe870 mm
Sitzhöhe450 mm
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