Hotel Royal AJ1

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Liza Minelli's eyes have reflected in the sides of this pendant and the smoke from Frank Sinatra's cigarette swirled through the light in the intimate Snack Bar at Hotel Royal in Copenhagen, considered one of Arne Jacobsen's masterpieces. The ‘Gesamtkunst

werk' included almost every little detail from the wall-mounted curtain holders to the furniture and lamps, and right down to the tableware, all designed by Arne Jacobsen.
& Yet it is a very simple lamp: four pieces forming a cube around the bulb, but

this simplicity just may be what makes the Royal Pendant a lasting design item.

Länge 210 mm
Breite 210 mm
Höhe 190 mm
Stand/Befestigung mit Pendelabhängung
Form Diffusor/Reflektor würfelförmig
Material Acrylglas (PMMA)
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&Tradition, Dänemark

Arne Jacobsen