Royal Candlestick

Royal Candlestick

The Hotel Royal in Copenhagen is considered one of Arne Jacobsen's greatest masterpieces, built in the years from 1956 to 1960. The ‘Gesamtkunstwerk' included almost every little detail from the wall-mounted curtain holders to the furniture and lamps, and right down to the tableware, all designed by Arne Jacobsen. The drop as a form, quoting Jacobsen's own Drop chair, runs through the bowls, ashtrays and candlestick holders, all being examples of the attention to detail, that more than anything else was the mark of Arne Jacobsen.
& Used alone or together with the Royal candlestick, the Royal bowl adds a timeless quality to any table decoration.

Höhe 53 mm
Durchmesser 115 mm
Material Edelstahl
Farben Chrom
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&Tradition, Dänemark

Arne Jacobsen