I Molossi


This modern take on the merry-go-round in which the traditional horses have been replaced by cute Molossian mastiffs: man's best friend thus becomes a symbolic guardian who accompanies us through life, together with the music that takes us back in time.

Carillon single dog
Armando - Bullterrier cm 10,5xh18
Furlo - Bulldog Francese cm 10,5xh17
Carmelo - Pitbull cm 10,5xh17,5
Carillon three dogs cm 19xh19

Twelve small gift items for all your special occasions throughout the year and personal moments. Magical, poetic and allusive objects that touch the imagination to let you relive past moments, lucky charms and symbols of special occasions. In this unprecedented collection, Bosa has focused on smaller, more personal items, suited to their daily lives and emotions.

Höhe180 mm / 170 mm / 175 mm / 190 mm
Durchmesser100 mm / 190 mm
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Bosa, Italien

Elena Salmistraro