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Via Molini, 44
31030 Borso del Grappa (TV)

T: +39 0423 561483
F: +39 0423 542200

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Mr. Italo Bosa started business more than 30 years ago together with his family and his collaborators, by creating artistic ceramics in Borso del Grappa, a small village between Bassano and Asolo.
This part of Veneto region has been influenced either by the ceramic tradition of Bassano or by the cosmopolitan spirit of Venice, opened to the innovation of Asolo.

Tradition, knowledge of the artisan job and of its secrets, research are the characteristics that Mr. Italo Bosa has passed to the Bosa Ceramics, a company which realizes the most glamour and modern shapes of the traditional ceramics.

Bosa products - vases, lamps and furnishing complements - are completely made by hand and they are often enriched with precious metals decorations and with own colours (the glazes are created and melted in the laboratory in order to have a personal colours range).

Bosa sells its products in more than 50 nations thanks to a modern marketing network which allow the company structure, small but modern, to be present in different special fields of the market with a wide range of products, without being an industrial standard product and by maintaining thus always the quality and originality characteristics.

What makes Bosa differ and leads it to be a leader in its field in Italy and worldwide is to have used innovation and research as the strength point of the company itself.

It's more than 20 years that Bosa opened it doors to the best designers, starting from a cooperation with Marco Zanuso jr. , then form a strong cooperation with Palomba-Serafini Studio up to the cooperation with Satyendra Pakhalé,Patricia Urquiola, Marco Morosini, Sam Baron, Luca Nichetto, and the genial and famous Jaime Hayon.

Furthermore, Bosa has today important cooperations with big design brands, such as Minotti, Moroso, B&B Italia, Metalarte, Ligne Roset, Artquitect, and personalized supplies for Ferrari, Escada, DeBeers, ecc....

These cooperations and, above all, the great quality grant a great presentation of the products in the biggest magazines of Design either Italian or Foreign and today they confirm the great public success of Bosa production.

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