Earth Teppich

Vorgestellt:Orgatec 2018, Köln
Kategorien: Bodenbeläge TeppichbödenFormatteppiche

Inspired by nature.

Earth is a completely eco-friendly, 100 % biodegradable carpet. Inspired by a desire to reconnect with nature, designer Liset van der Scheer wanted to bring the experience of wandering through a forest into the interior sphere. To realise her vision, Casalis flexed their creative and technological skills, employing an innovative, 3D tufting technique to create a 3D structured carpet that mimics the texture and appearance of moss.

In order to truly live up to the name of EARTH, Casalis resolved to use all-natural materials in the creation of the collection. This included, organic wool, natural latex , and the plant-based dyes used to colour the carpets which have been appropriately named after earthly elements - CLOUD, FOREST, MOSS, STONE, SAND and DUST –dyed to match their namesake. 

The EARTH carpet was conceived to be 100% biodegradable, using organic wool in the fabric and natural latex as opposed to synthetic glues. Casalis dedicated three years of research to fully realise a product that would meet this requirement. Particular attention was given to finding a natural cloth onto which a carpet could be tufted as they intended, and investigated methods to manage the less stable character of the fabric. To achieve an all-natural, eco-friendly product, Casalis needed to find dyes that are entirely plant based, and that could be implemented in an industrial process, which proved to be a particular challenge. After an in-depth search, the right plant-based dyes were discovered, which through age old techniques and state-of-the-art technology could colour natural fibers, resulting in the muted shades of nature used in this collection.

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