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Stasegemsesteenweg 72
8500 Kortrijk

T: +32 56 66 44 66
F: +32 56 66 35 47

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In 2000, Francis Vercaemst decided to found Casalis. His aim was to revalue the image of carpets.

With more than 10 year experience in the carpet industry, he was convinced this was possible : an innovative image, design and still practical. Today, Casalis is known as a producer of carpets, pouffes and plaids. Casalis loves to explore all possibilities of interior textile. Casalis translates innovative ideas into practical products, without making compromises concerning raw materials, that is the soul of this company.

In 2005, Casalis added a first collection of pouffes to its carpet collections. To make further expansion of Casalis possible, in 2008, an old damas weavery in Kortrijk has been renovated within a modern and inspiring infrastructure with offices, warehouse and showroom.

Today, Casalis sells carpets , pouffes and plaids worldwide in more than 32 countries.

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