Dot klein

Dot klein
Vorgestellt:Salone del Mobile 2010, Mailand
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Matteo Ragni develops, with Danese, a new table system based on high eco-sustainable principles. Dot is the end result of a special cooperation with Matteo Ragni on the occasion of Campari’s 150th anniversary, to be celebrated at the opening of Camparitiv

o bar at Triennale of Milano, place where tradition, culture, art and social life interwind. The event itself, occasion on which people meet, mingle and share experiences, inspires the designer to create a top with a revolving central part that allows the

guests “to take” each other’s drinks.

Danese reinterprets the design developed for Campari on the basis of eco-sustainable principles. Dot is added to the table collection meanwhile the purpose is to take advantage of existing ideas and resources

so that the value of previous thoughts and efforts can be increased. The top is entirely composed of recycled materials, left purposefully and dignifiedly visible. These new generation materials are: functional, eco-sustainable, fully recyclable and char

acterized by interesting features that capture the senses. The main top is composed of a Tetrapan panel, a material entirely made of recycled food cartons. Due to a specific manufacturing process, the use of glues and other poisonous substances is not nec

essary as the polyethylene present melts and works as superglue. A solid panel, pure in terms of bacteria, is obtained via high temperature agglomeration, can be worked as a wooden brush and can undergo several finishing process cycles according to its ap

plications. One top is never like another one: a mix of colours, resulting from the conglomeration of small packing fragments that remain recognizable under a protective transparent film, shows the origin of the material and suggests we should value what

we usually discard.

The turning central part of the top is made of Paperstone. This material is made of fibres deriving from standard 100% recycled office paper, water-based resins not deriving from petrol and oils extracted from cashew’s shells.

The materials are chosen because of their eco-sustainability and durability features. Danese, with this design, begins to cooperate with Evostone with the intent to develop a new Italian eco-friendly reality that pivots on eco-sustainable material choice

s and innovation.

Höhe720 mm
Durchmesser600 mm
Form Tischplatterund
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Danese, Italien

Matteo Ragni