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Founded at the end of the Fifties by Bruno Danese and Jacqueline Vodoz in collaboration with some artist-designers: at first the activity of Danese begins as handcraft workshop for the production and retail of "unique" objects, "artworks" in the field of furnishing complements.

After a period of scattered activity, Danese Milano opens its showroom in Piazza San Fedele : this place is not conceived just as a shop but as an art gallery where a lot of exhibitions are organized to explore "all possible fields of intervention of artists on the problem of the useful object".

Meaningful is the meeting of Bruno Danese with two great designers in 1958: Bruno Munari and Enzo Mari which marks a step forward from the production of unique objects to serial production: thus was born a new collection of home objects no longer addressed just to an elite market. Danese is a real experimental laboratory for the concept and production of serial objects.

In 1991 the activity of Danese becomes property of Cassina-Alias: we can say these are years of standstill in which the brand slowly decays; as a matter of fact the production is only limited to objects for the office environment.

In 1999 Danese finds again its own leading role in the diversified universe of Italian design thanks to the take-over of the company by Carlotta de Bevilacqua who becomes sole administrator.

In 2000 Danese already sets its leading role in the working field: within one year Dense becomes design-leader company for the given improving quality in working environment.

The new production: Danese is now facing the challenge of contemporary perspectives, as a natural evolving of its own innovative vocation, strong of its way to project and produce which always encourages it to measure itself with new ideas, new materials, backgrounds where relationships between man and his way of living continuously change and evolve.

The widening of Danese collection allows to rebuilt an environmental quality.

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