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Vorgestellt:Euroluce 2013, Mailand
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Eclittica is an avant-garde lighting systems product line, whose look is striking yet subtle. It is based on advanced LED technology that guarantees performance stability, controlled light and new perceptual qualities. Its circular shape conveys simplicit

y and most importantly its geometry ensures high quality, evenly distributed light. Eclittica is a c-shaped calenderer aluminum profile. It is a flexible circuit, in which the LED lamps are arranged.

This profile controls dissipation, houses minia

turized electrical and electronic components, and it is the seat for the flexible printed circuit board that is left exposed, covered only by a strip of transparent methacrylate. The intrinsic features of this product are dictated by production optimizati

on and optical choices. They become distinctive aesthetics traits, revealing the innovative technological quality applied, the careful attention given to detail, and the thoroughness of the project. Two different size lighting systems define two different

types of light performance.

The suspension version is larger. Here, light bulbs are not distributed in sequence but are gathered on opposite sides, aiming at attaining high-quality performance: a combination of non-uniform but controlled overlapp

ing light emissions that spread 360°. In this version the c-shaped aluminum profile faces outward leaving the circuit completely exposed.

On the other hand, in the smaller diameter wall version, the entire stream is concentrated in a single direct

ion with an indirect emission that guarantees excellent quality flow, avoiding glare. The circular light fixture, secured to a parallel-pipedal base, sticks out from the wall for a better distribution of ambient light. Quality performance and functional f

lexibility are guaranteed: the fixture can rotate 360° on itself, directing light emission. In the wall version instead, the c-shaped profile faces the inside of the circumference, leaving exposed a uniform and clean tape that reveals the technological de

tails. The materials and the product dimensions are minimal due to structural, thermal and optics requirements.

Breite200 mm
Höhe90 mm
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Danese, Italien

Carlotta de Bevilacqua