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The Farallon product family is enriched not only with new office chairs, but also with a range of tables that are absolutely suitable for both home and work environments, where people interact or rest in both public and private spaces.

The structu

ral principles and technological approaches are the same as they were for Farallon chairs: a harmoniously folded thin metallic surface, which curves shaping the surfaces softly, set on the legs made of chrome rods. The design is clean and elegant: a light

profile yet durable, a timeless product that can be interpreted creatively in any environment and interact with different styles.

The system offers two small tops designed to go along with chairs or other work surfaces and a more traditional writ

ing desk that provides a 60x120 cm working area. The two smaller tops are practical and easy to combine with each other because two different heights can be set. Also, their width is calculated so that it can be easy to insert one top into another, ensuri

ng minimum encumbrance and allowing the users to create different arrangements. These supporting surfaces for new technological devices (laptops, iphones, ipads etc), which nowadays play important roles in every situation, allow users to be effective in i

nformal situations. They can also simply be supporting surfaces for everyday objects.

The more traditional table provides a large working area. This can be ideal either for the office or for the home environment such as a desk, and to the rhythms

of contemporary life, blending together the formal and the informal. These three elements together create a perfect flexible and functional area, in which Farallon office chairs are ideal.

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