Itka Tischleuchte

Itka Tischleuchte
Vorgestellt:Euroluce 2013, Mailand
Kategorien: InnenleuchtenTischleuchten

The new Itka is an evolution of the bestseller Itka, which was presented in 2004, introducing a new element to the already wide and diversified family. The driving force behind Itka “xxxx” is the same that has made the Itka family one of the most apprecia

ted families in the Danese Light catalogue. The changes are few but the new product brings novelty and certainly enriches the line. A cylindrical base raises the elegant hand-blown glass diffuser creating a medium-high version between the existing counter

top and table versions. It looks different yet the materials used and the technology applied are pretty much the same.

Itka has always been characterized by a simple and iconic shape that works on subtraction principles and by being a timeless obj

ect, indifferent to fashion trends. The project strives on the choice of high quality, durable materials: the base is made out of marble or ceramic. In the marble version, the distinctive grain of the materials makes each piece unique and vibrant at the s

ame time, enhancing perceptual features already evident in Itka. Here the glass that is used feels like soft velvet, creating a new perceptive relationship with light.

The ceramic version instead, besides featuring excellent aesthetic and sensory

properties, actively contributes to containing dissipation, providing the perfect solution in terms of technology and LED efficiency. The introduction of these “classic” materials is a tribute to the history of Danese production, in which the best crafts

men have worked over time. Furthermore, the product features an innovative approach to light. A LED source has been designed to ensure uniformity emission taking the place of traditional fluorescent lamps, guaranteeing excellent performance output and sig

nificant energy savings.

This is also a choice in favor of long-term objectives. The LED lasts longer than traditional sources. Technological choices and quality craftsmanship coexist and reinforce Itka’s lifetime. A variety of products that respon

ds very well to a full range of physical and emotional needs.

Höhe240 mm
Durchmesser300 mm
Form Diffusor/Reflektoroval
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Danese, Italien

Naoto Fukasawa