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Vorgestellt:Salone del Mobile 2013, Mailand
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Matali Crasset designed two new products that offer even further flexibility and versatility, enhancing the Double Side and Double Size families. They are two simplified seat and table versions, in which the folding features are not part of the project an

y longer. The previous projects have been transformed into instruments with new functionalities. However, these new projects allow us to recreate interactions more freely due to the possibility of coupling fixed and convertible elements. The seat is a sim

plified, more economical and elementary version. In spite of the lack of a felt cover and the movement-triggering feature, this enhanced product is characterized by essentiality, great perceptual textural, tactile and visual features.

The entire s

tructure is painted, but the color does not completely cover the original look, yet revealing the essence of the wood. A smaller rear top does not support and lock the rotation of the back any longer, yet becomes a bearing surface. The seat tilt and back

angle remain ergonomically correct. The birch panel combinations concept is still the construction principle from which the designer has been inspired. The cut is optimized due to a smart nesting that avoids unnecessary waste. Similarly, the table does n

ot fold any longer and yet it keeps a clean and essential Double size typical line. The legs close up ensuring stability and maximum simplicity of the shape.

This base version is available in different sizes and can be used individually or combine

d with the foldable model to maximize space functionality. Tables and fixed seating are added to the basic previous versions, creating an open system that supports interaction between men and space. They are totally cross-functional, perfect for domestic

conviviality situations, used individually or shared in offices or public spaces.

Länge1200 mm / 1600 mm / 1800 mm
Breite600 mm
Höhe720 mm
Form Tischplatterechteckig
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Danese, Italien

Matali Crasset