Vorgestellt:Salone del Mobile 2010, Mailand
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Miyako aligns well with Danese’s “environmental innovation” intention: basic productive technologies, choice of renewable resources based on energy saving consumption principles and attention on emotional aspects and perception. Miyako is composed of only

one extruded component to which a few functional elements are added. The classic type of suspension lamp with focused light emission, mostly used with halogen sources, is enhanced because of the two different types of innovative sources that minimize con

sumption and strive for quality light.

This variant with LED, emits a warm light regulated by a lens that concentrates the beam in a cone 30° wide. The fluorescent version allows 80% energy consumption. This solution ensures focused illumination wi

th a wider beam opening compared to the LED version. The opaline screen, which seals the profile extremities to avoid dazzling, sticks out and results in an illuminated profile that makes the lamp informal. The screen animates and characterizes it without

weighing it down with excessive seriousness and formality.

Its shape is basic but the range of colours to choose from is very wide. The lamp adapts itself to many different environments achieving stunning results. The Miyako range has also been en

riched by new product versions that allow the user to meet any need he/she might have. In fact, the user can create different combinations of colours and shapes and punctual or more informal light effects according to how many lamps are placed in a certai

n environment.

Miyako’s body can have two different lengths, 30 or 55 cm, can be a hanging or ceiling lamp with direct emission or wall lamp with double emission, either direct or indirect. A new built-in version that can hold different positions h

as also been thought out. It can be completely built-in, sticking out 10 cm or hold other intermediate positions. This version gives the user the choice of many different combinations that ensure perfect illumination while giving an unusual range of built

-in options.

Stand/Befestigungmit Pendelabhängung
Form Diffusor/Reflektorquaderförmig
Breite50 mm
Höhe300 mm / 550 mm
Tiefe50 mm

Danese, Italien