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Ogun is a new interpretation of classic industrial light fixtures for big industrial spaces where light quality purposes drive the project. It is an optical mechanism designed to obtain the best light emission distribution without dazzling. The source is

entirely shielded apart from a small portion at its extremity so that the source is not visible from angles greater than Ogun. The light emitted generates a reflection path where the distribution of direct, indirect and lateral light is balanced. However

, it performs well (output 75%).

It has been designed for industrial and big public spaces. As it can also use a fluorescent source, it can also accommodate itself to home or working environments where light fixtures are not put up very high. Its s

hape is simple and it is the result of specific optical calculations and from a planning logic without moulds: the angle and dimension of its sides are determined on the basis of light reflection needs. The choice of two different finishing procedures is

dictated by their impact on quality emission. The brass version makes light warmer, more suitable for a north-european culture, while the cooler light of the aluminum version is designed for a mediterranean culture. The light fixture’s simplicity makes o

f it an eco-sustainable product: it is realized through the mere cut and folding of a recycled aluminium sheet. It is made of one material only, undergoes few productive cycles, is very resistant and the sources used are very efficient. Ogun is the afro-b

razilian divinity of the iron and forging.


150W; E27; MES/UB

Stand/Befestigungmit Pendelabhängung
Breite580 mm
Höhe600 mm
Tiefe540 mm

Danese, Italien

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