Vorgestellt:Salone del Mobile 2013, Mailand
Kategorien: WohnmöbelSitzmöbelHocker

“Pianist” is an adjustable height stool recently introduced to come along with the Chaos Manger table. As in his first project, Guixè uses his wildest imagination and conceives something completely out of the ordinary for the office environment. Guixè’s o

riginality design has always been in line with Danese’s vision for office spaces where multi-purpose areas become key places where work life balance is enhanced. It is here where people meet, exchange information and reinforce informal relationships.

“Pianist” is a stool with adjustable height that emulates Chaos Manager’s flexibility and goes along with any other work surface, supporting temporary operability (suitable for meetings and relationship building) in dynamic work spaces. Its name is a

tribute to the typical piano stool. It immediately comes across as archetypal, yet its materials are strongly expressive and its proportions among the elements are almost unbalanced, enhancing its line.

With the juxtaposition of simple elements,

Guixè creates a stool that is useful and functional, in which also the mechanical element of the screw that adjusts the height is visible in order to emphasize its functionality. “Pianist” proves to be a versatile and transversal sitting stool to be used

according one´s need, it is able to adapt to different situations and daily rhythms, and perfect for public or private places.

Höhe425 - 650 mm
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Danese, Italien

Marti Guixè