Rotorlite Wandleuchte

Vorgestellt:Euroluce 2013, Mailand
Kategorien: InnenleuchtenAufbauleuchtenWandaufbauleuchten

Rotorlite’s striking light effect, generated by a transparent cylindrical pipe inserted into a lightweight aluminum plate that is only 5 mm thick, spreads in a perfectly controlled manner.

Every single detail has not been carefully designed for ae

sthetic reasons; instead, it has been designed in order to meet production, optical and thermodynamic needs. Accomplishment comes from a combination of high-class technical expertise and innovative lighting design. It consists of an aluminum base plate th

at mounts a power LED, in which a pipe that acts as a conductor of light is positioned. Rotorlite transforms a point light source into a diffuse light source, shifting the emission to the end of the pipe.

Glaring is therefore minimized, but when c

ompared to traditional shielding, the efficiency is not compromised and remains equal to 90%.

Not only the particular material used ensures minimum emissions reduction, but also light quality, which is not adversely affected in terms of temperatur

e and color rendering. The use of the pipe, besides avoiding glaring, it controls, directs and enhances light emission. Rotorlite plays with light and shadow, its color it reacts to light. When turned off Rotorlite is clear and immaterial, when it is on a

play of contrasts makes sculptural and expressive.

Länge170 mm
Breite165 mm
Höhe150 mm
Gold / Messing
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Danese, Italien

Carlotta de Bevilacqua