Surface + Border No.2

  • Surface + Border No.2
  • Surface + Border No.2
  • Surface + Border No.2
Vorgestellt:Salone del Mobile 2017, Mailand
Kategorien: Einrichtungs-AccessoiresTischaccessoiresSchalen / Boxen

“Ron Gilad, the new creative director of Danese Milano, will express his point of view on Danese collection with the installation ‘Fragments of Life’, during the next Milano Design Week. To emphasize the modernity of a brand that has marked the history of design, Ron Gilad added two small dots in the logo, like eyes open on the future of design: those of the new “vision” in the wake of the Danese roots. “ Carlotta de Bevilacqua

“The DNA of Danese Milano carries a legacy that contains intellect, freedom, and exploration of daily life. Using minimum tools, research and modesty Danese managed to create an innovative language, a culture of useful objects that over the years became symbols. I found this playground to fit my personal way of thinking and be a fertile ground to both keep developing my past research on and to revive the Danese research, which started in 1957. I chose the title ‘Fragments of Life’ to frame the brands’ activity while keeping it open for interpretations.” Ron Gilad

Danese, Italien

Ron Gilad