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Vorgestellt:Salone del Mobile 2010, Mailand
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RWB (red-white-blue) is a new environmentally conscious approach to coloured light while RGB (red-green-blue) limits itself to ensuring man’s psychophysical wellbeing. This new concept of light is the result of a sensitive attitude toward the relationship

among man, artificial lighting and vegetative life (plant growth). This archetypal change is part of an overall objective pursued by Danese on the basis of which, technological testing has led to significant achievements. An example of this is patented U

na System. It entails low consumption lighting, low heat emission, plant growth, realization of spectacular environmental effects and efficient white illumination solutions.

In view of helping plant growth, parameters favoring photobiological proce

sses have to be taken into account from a scientific stand point. Plant growth development is guaranteed when the two chlorophyllous photosynthesis processes (plant breathing and photo-synthesis) happen properly. The latter is favoured by luminous beams.

Photosynthesis is determined by the number of photons (between 400 and 700 nm) absorbed by the plant. The number of photons per second (between 400 and 700 nm) that strikes a certain surface, named PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) is the only pa

rameter that must be accomplished in order to complete chlorophyllous photosynthesis. RWB light calibrates its emissions on PPFD parameters necessary during two phases in which proper light flow is vital. The vegetative phase needs blue radiation (wave le

ngths between 425 and 450 nm) while the blossoming phase needs red radiation (wave lengths between 575 and 625 nm). Four red, 4 blue and 4 white LEDs are mounted on Una Pro lamp. It is possible to adjust and dim every single one of them and that is why th

e user is enabled to monitor plant growth and set his own environmental priorities.

Länge285 mm
Breite150 mm
Form Diffusor/Reflektorrechteckig
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