Vorgestellt:Euroluce 2011, Mailand
Kategorien: InnenleuchtenPendelleuchten

Yap results from a choreographic and thrilling design and lies in principles of responsibility and ecological sustainability. The body of the chandelier, which can take infinite shapes, is made from laser-cut aluminium plates that once wrought become sphe

res whose volume can be easily adjusted by widening or narrowing the metallic texture of the net.
The central part of the plate, instead of being discarded, is used as a supporting light disc. The disc, suspended inside the net, generates diffuse and i

ndirect light but also concentrated and direct emission to properly illuminate all surfaces. Though subtle and variable, the metallic diffuser is made “come alive” by the two emissions that strike it. Glow effects and surrounding colours fuse together and

reflect on the texture of the diffuser.

It makes you reflect upon the same values that inspired one of Danese’s most significant iconic products of the italian design: the Falkland lamp. It originates from the application of experimental technolog

y and the use of materials that little have in common with the world of illumination. Yap is light and flat to minimize waste and avoid transport difficulties. It allows the user to change its “shape” with a simple gesture. This insightful design respects

technological parameters and sustains eco-friendly principles; nevertheless the aesthetic outcome is undeniably intriguing.


indirekt 1 x 55W (2GX13) FSC + direkt 4x1W LED

Stand/Befestigungmit Pendelabhängung
Höhe400 mm
Durchmesser900 mm
Schutzart (nach DIN 40050)IP20 Schutz vor: Festkörpern > 12 mm

Danese, Italien

Paolo Ulian