Timo Glas


The Timo glass is now available with an outer spiral-shaped layer of silicone. The additional layer makes the glass easier to handle when filled with hot beverages, protecting the hand from the heat; and makes it less slippery when wet. It is also dishwas

her-safe. We truly believe that Timo would have loved this idea. Timo Sarpaneva called the Timo glass his finest glass ever. Made of heat resistant glass, the Timo glass is durable against sudden temperature changes, like when pouring boiling hot coffee i

nto a cold glass. Its mid-section is slightly thicker to prevent hot beverages from burning the hand. The top is slightly inclined to prevent the edge of the glass to be damaged in the dishwasher. The bottom is cone-shaped to fit in both small and big han

ds. All together it’s a terrific example of how form follows function. Professor Timo Sarpaneva (1926 - 2006) was convinced that even a simple everyday object can possess architectural qualities. In many of his designs, which can be found in museums aroun

d the world, as well as in the Timo Glass, the glass itself is sculpted solid rather than drawn and blown. “Glass is the finest of all materials, the way it can be worked and the way it achieves its form is unique among materials. It metamorphoses from a

viscous mass to clear crystalline objects. It is capricious and difficult; it is a material which lives many lives.” Timo Termo will be available spring/summer 2011.


Design House Stockholm, Schweden

Timo Sarpaneva

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