Wing Sideboard

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The Wing Collection consists of a desk, a sideboard, a chest of drawers, the drop leaf table; and Sara Szyber has now added a chair to her collection of every-day life companions. Distinct figure, immediate materiality, focused presence. Bright and playfu

l with ergonomics that are precise to the millimeter, and with the same characteristic U-shaped cutout as in the table drawers, now offering a convenient slit for securing a handbag. And it's a chair that's on the move. The back slightly inclined. The bac

k legs flexed. It's just what's required, to raise the chair above the ordinary.
While Sara's designs are almost minimalistic, stripped down to the essential, brazenly functional with an engaging appeal, her exhibitions are more frivolous and colorful

. "I'm especially proud that Serbia decided to appoint their first Children's walking delegate, in charge of promoting the rights and interests of kids, when the exhibition Play was shown in Belgrade." Lately she has been touring with the exhibition ‘17 S

wedish Designers', a showcase of 60 designs, all by women. "It might be a rarity in some countries to see so many female designers in one go. Women have historically been under-represented in the field of design, not fighting to get the jobs after the des

ign school exams. That's hardly true in Sweden, which I believe is because of our open-minded cultural values, as well as growing up in a secular and egalitarian society." The Wing items can be used as practical room dividers, the furniture can be arrange

d and placed freely, and the drawers can be accessed from both sides. The laminate surface makes the desk more durable.

Breite850 mm
Höhe740 mm
Tiefe400 mm
Schrank­front­ausführungmit Schubfächern
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Design House Stockholm, Schweden

Sara Szyber