Work Lamp

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Not as folksy and flimsy as the traditional construction lamp from the garage and the workshop. A more refined look for the living room. The Work Lamp is made with a thicker wire, improved angles, and more of a long-lasting appearance. Gold and chrome pla

ting adds character to this ready-made design, while the form and readiness preserve its blue-collar roots. "One lamp to rule them all," joke Jonas Pettersson, John Löfgren, and Petrus Palmér who together constitute the acclaimed young design trio Form Us

With Love. "We wanted to make a lamp using as little material as possible. The traditional construction lamp was already there: you can drop it, treat it roughly, it's an everyday do-it-all object. We just had to give it a better appearance!"

Höhe83 mm
Durchmesser150 mm

Design House Stockholm, Schweden

Form Us With Love