Bodo Sperlein

Barge House Street
SE1 9PH London
Vereinigtes Königreich

T: 020 7633 9413

Produkte von Bodo Sperlein

Bodo Sperlein Ltd. is a boutique design consultancy led by designer Bodo Sperlein. Clients and collaborators originate from a wide variety of fields – from manufacturers rejuvenating their product lines, to retailers positioning their brands and restaurants seeking the ultimate dining experience. Projects have involved global brands such as Lladró, Swarovski, and DuPont Corian. Bodo Sperlein also produces signature collections of tableware, lighting and furniture, well-known for their curvaceous and sensual forms. Sperlein's design philosophy is one of challenging perceptions through contrast – traditional materials and skills are revitalized through innovative designs.