Chris Martin

Hammarby Allé 51
SE-120 30 Stockholm

T: +46 8 789 03 90

Produkte von Chris Martin

To designer-in-chief Chris Martin form is a byproduct of function, materials and production processes. He has been called a minimalist but in fact he’s a radical pragmatist, drawing inspiration from the production line rather than from artistic imagination. In his own words, “We make real products for the real world, developed at our own pace.”

The designs tend to be the result of thorough research, exploring the properties of promising materials – steel wire, cold-cured foam, wood – and Chris Martin figuring out the best way to make them do his bidding.

Even when the design challenges are hard the end result looks simple. When you make smart, usable pieces of furniture you don’t need flamboyant gestures. Beauty comes naturally.