Crown Stuhl

Crown Stuhl
Vorgestellt: Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011, Stockholm
Stylepark-ID: 05.7671.00020
Kategorien: WohnmöbelSitzmöbelStühle

The Crown armchair and easy chair create a dignified and elegant sitting experience, regardless of the location in which they are placed. They have a light, open back design with fully upholstered side panels which give a sense of volume despite the chair

’s low weight. The chairs are made from relatively flat parts, which when joined together give a strong form which is greater than their sum parts. The backrest is perched on top of the armrests and seems to be unsupported. The connection is in fact very

strong and this innovation adds to the visual playfulness of the chairs. The Crown armchair and easy chair are upholstered in a heavy duty woollen stretch textile, which allows us to keep seems to a minimum, further enhancing their beautiful forms.

Breite 570 mm
Höhe 845 mm
Tiefe 550 mm
Gewicht 1000 kg
Sitzausführung mit Sitzpolster
Sitzhöhe 450 mm
Rücken­lehnen­ausführung mit Rückenpolster
Armlehnen­ausführung mit Armlehnen
Farben Schwarz
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Chris Martin