Christophe Mathieu

Santjoanistes, 1 At.1ª
08006 Barcelona

Produkte von Christophe Mathieu

Born in Hamburg in 1961, he graduated in Interior Design from the School of Applied Art and Artistic Trades (la Llotja), in Barcelona, having been on placement in Hamburg collaborating with Nitz, Prash and Sigl Architects.

Subsequently, he lived for three years in Milan, where he collaborated with the architect Marco Zanuso, Jr. in the development of products for companies such as De Padova, Menphis and Driade; the architects Roberto Menghi y Giulio Crespi;
el industrial designer Sergio Coppola and the architect Antonio Zanuso in the prize-winning project for the Piazza della Republica.

His time in Milan had a profound affect on him.
He then accepted an offer by Dino Gavina to undertake a programme of industrial design in Bologna with Simon International, where he came into contact with products designed by Carlo Scarpa, Marcel Breuer and Kazuhide Takahama. In 1989, he decided to move to Barcelona, where he now collaborates with the architect Alfredo Arribas and, more recently, the architect Eduard Samsó and the designer Javier Mariscal, amongst others.

Companies with which he has worked are:
Bosa, Italy (ceramics), Artesano, France (furniture), Disform, Barcelona (furniture), Barcelona (lighting), Bover, Barcelona (lighting), Chupa-Chups, Smint, Nike & Bticino (stand design and construction in Barcelona), Comas & Partners, Barcelona (cutlery) and Marset, Barcelona (lighting).