Sol Deckenleuchte

  • Sol Deckenleuchte
  • Sol Deckenleuchte
Vorgestellt:Euroluce 2013, Mailand
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Sol is a system entirely based on innovative optical computing principles and LED technology, made of transparent materials and characterized by simple features. The technological innovation and the thorough research developed by Danese over the years are

in line with the choices of the designer, who is in favor of the use of transparent materials and specific light features. As a result, qualities are exalted. Sol consists of three elements that are essential for its functioning: a lens, a mixing chamber

and a heat sink.

The cone-shaped light determined by the lens is large and soft, yet controlled. The mixing chamber avoids glaring that would otherwise arise from the LED left exposed behind the lens. The mixing chamber hides the LED in which is

inserted due to its geometry, reflecting all the light that lands on its surfaces and redirecting it into the lens. Its radial shaped perforated face facilitates dissipation and a small amount of emission passes through, animating the light fixture with

a soft light effect.

These rays of light go out of the range that is created between the mixing chamber and the aluminum heat sink. The distance between the two creates an air vent, which actively helps to dissipate the heat. Despite its small si

ze and apparent simplicity, X in fact, offers light performance comparable to traditional 200W halogen lamps, yet the power consumption is only 17W. The quality of the emission is also comparable to that of a professional device. The control of the lens e

nsures the absence of shadows and precise light projection. All this is obtained with a non-intrusive element, which favors light performance while the product’s transparency becomes the salient trait. Sol is a perfect item for any kind of environment, ab

solutely transversal thanks to its versatility. It offers great flexibility thanks to the variety of the range that includes suspension, ceiling, wall and adjustable versions. In particular, the latter version provides total light flexibility because it c

an orient the emission for almost 360 ° by combining the rotation of two axes.

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