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Produkte von CuldeSac

What CuldeSac is:
Founded in 2002 CuldeSacTM is a creative space where professionals from distinct fields of expertise create, dialogue and exchange knowledge.
CuldeSacTM is separated into three areas (Espacio Creativo, Communication and Experience) with the following fields of expertise: product and interior design, strategic branding and communication, PR and event production.
This union of multi-talented individuals has turned CuldeSacTM into a laboratory of unique experiences for select clients based on expertise, knowledge and the added value of fresh creativity.
At the same time CuldeSacTM offers professionals with an interesting project to develop, a living space that is connected to the main studio, so that a truly creative space full of movement and exchange can be obtained.

When it all started:
The creation of CuldeSacTM in August 2002 has its origins in the desire to leave behind the concept of a design studio in order to move on to the concept of a creative space. This means that any CuldeSacTM project has a multidisciplinary character, thanks to the incorporation of professionals from different fields and different nationalities (depending on the demands of each project) along with the permanent members of CuldeSacTM.

What makes it different:
The strength of this project/space is the fact that we not only work with companies who are looking for solutions but also with any person with the ability to question and a will to open up new fields of investigation and development. Anyone who knocks on CuldeSac´s door with an exciting, interesting idea can establish a living and working relationship that goes beyond the purely professional to encompass the human side and develop into a memorable experience.

How it works:
To understand our philosophy, one must understand the concept of a Creative Space. When we founded CuldeSacTM we did not do it with the intention of limiting our workspace. We wanted to establish a creative meeting area where professionals from distinct backgrounds could create, dialogue and exchange knowledge. In this way CuldeSacTM is positioned similar to a consultant to any company that proposes an interesting problem in any of the distinct fields of expertise that are developed by the studio.

Who we are:
The core structure of CuldeSacTM and the permanent base, which coordinates all activity since 2002, is formed by Alberto Martínez (Master Royal College of Art. London 2000) and Pepe García (Master Royal College of Art. London 1999) the founding members, who head the creative team with the assistance of Lucia del Portillo (Industrial Design ESDI CEU San Pablo de Valencia) and Fernando Colón (Universidad Paris 8, UFR Arts). Since 2006, Juan Poveda (Industrial Design ESDI CEU San Pablo de Valencia) and Xavi Sempere (Industrial Design ESDI CEU San Pablo de Valencia) lead the CuldeSac Communication team. In 2007 Garen Moreno (University of Southern California) and Sophie von Schönburg (Emerson College Boston MA) joined CuldeSac and direct the CuldeSac Experience.
Currently, in 2009, CuldeSac counts with over 18 profesionals, Rafa Arechavaleta, Ales Grygar, Andres Oyaga, Bri Alcover, Clara Prats, Jordi Lahuerta, Jose Llopis, Sara Krines,Paloma del Portillo, Natalia Ferrero, Friedrich von Schönburg, who work and collaborate on a daily basis to develop unique and original proyects meeting their clients objectives.