Emi Fujita

Produkte von Emi Fujita

Born and raised in Japan, Emi Fujita ventured out into the world when
she was only sixteen to attend TASIS, The American School in Switzerland.
Realizing that she wanted to pursue her artistic side more seriously, Fujita
transferred to the Interl

ochen Arts Academy in Michigan where she concentrated
on the study of painting and sculpture. As an Interlochen student, she
received the prestigious Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation award. After
graduation, she attended Maryland Institute, Coll

ege of Art, majoring in
fine art before transferring to study environmental design at Art Center
College of Design as a recipient of the General Motors scholarship.

Fujita's artistic talents became apparent at the early age of seven
as she bec

ame skilled in the art of calligraphy. Throughout the next decade,
she won numerous calligraphic competitions including the noted Yomiuri
Newspaper award. Fujita's designs continue to be influenced by her
cultural aesthetics, as well as the inspi

ration of Japanese sculptor Isamu
Noguchi. In the same manner, she strives to achieve sculptural quality in
her work while creating furniture and environments that transcend
international boundaries.