Emiliana Martinelli

Martinelli Luce

Via Teresa Bandettini
55100 Lucca

T: +39 0583 418315
F: +39 0583 419003

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Born in Lucca on 11 August 1949, she graduated with a diploma in ceramics from the Lucca Istituto d'Arte (art college) and subsequently with a diploma in industrial design from the ISIA (art and design college) and a degree in architecture from Florence.

She began her career working with her father Elio Martinelli in the lighting company which he founded under his name in the fifties.

Immediately after graduating, she began designing interiors and producing the layouts for the company's stands at numerous industry exhibitions in Italy and abroad, work which she still continues to the present.

Today she also oversees Martinelli Luce's graphic's studio, looking after the catalogues and advertising and, above all, the design and production of new lighting equipment.