Leonardo Dainelli


Via Montebello 19c
56038 Ponsacco Pisa

T: +39 0587 731905
F: +39 0587 731905

Produkte von Leonardo Dainelli

Marzia and Leo Dainelli founded Dainellistudio in 2007 in the heart of Tuscany, to remain in direct and constant contact with master craftsmen. They also look to nature and an artistic heritage that has always encouraged aesthetic contamination and taste, where shapes, colours and materials play a key role in creating the identity that is such an essential part of the region’s value.

Dainellistudio’s team of graphic artists and architects is composed primarily of young talents who can suggest environmental research and trends. Dainellistudio conceives, designs and creates spaces that express a style respecting and promoting fine craftsmanship, materials and colours that tell the story of Tuscany today.