Studio Drift

Asterweg 20 B1
1031 HN Amsterdam

T: +31 20 840 6993

Produkte von Studio Drift

“People find the time to look at art within a gallery setting, but the world is one big exhibition if you only care to look”.
Lonneke Gordijn

At Studio Drift, we are looking to express in our work the miracles that already surround us in our nat

ure. People are so focused on their busy digital lives that they find very little time to look at the world as it actually is. So much of what mankind does is about mimicking nature or attempting to over-rule it. In our view, neither is possible.


he projects we produce at Studio Drift are created to establish a point of balance between information overload and human sensibility. Our goal is to create a dialogue between nature and technology, a perfect combination of knowledge and intuition, scienc

e fiction and nature, fantasy and interactivity.

People often have very emotional responses to our work, but the fact is that everything we put into our projects is already in the world around us. What we hope to do is encourage people to notice th

ings that they no longer notice; to reach some kind of unconscious recognition that everyone instinctively feels and understands, yet have lost the time for. If people can understand what we aim to express even without an art background then we are succes

sful in our goals.