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At EeStairs we are passionate about design. Our in-house design team wields a collective century of staircase design experience and with it, the potential to turn every staircase into an extraordinary staircase. Our designers will work alongside you, providing design support pre or post tender, adding a specialist perspective to your scheme. We offer support ranging from concept generation andvisualization to detail design and input on manufacture and installation.

By continuously pushing the boundaries and embracing new technologies, innovative concepts are regularly emerging from EeStairs’ design centre. For example, EeStairs has developed a unique solution for staircase soffits. Typically one of the more complex elements on a helical feature staircase, EeSoffit brings cutting edge technology to the soffit manufacture process expanding the potential for interesting design solutions and crisp interface details.

EeStairs supported an international architects practice in the development of a striking penthouse staircase in Turkey. The scale, slow helix and optimized geometry combine to deliver an impressive and engaging stair. With a photorealistic presentation we were able to bring the staircase design to life.

EeStairs has the technical know-how, attention to detail and focus on quality required to turn a design into a production reality. When realising a staircase design we offer advice on geometry, materials and construction. Clients benefit from our extensive experience and enjoy the security of a perfectly resolved staircase installed by highly skilled fitting teams.

EeStairs, Niederlande