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Due to the overwhelming popularity of EeStairs’ latest invention production has been expanded to meet the high demand. Whereas, previously, stucco plasterwork was almost the only finish available for the underside of a staircase, EeStairs has created a new revolutionary finish called EeSoffit.

EeStairs manufactures staircases in a variety of shapes, materials and applications. Despite this diversity, all EeStairs staircases have something in common – a high quality finish. EeStairs is always looking for new opportunities and techniques to create an outstanding level of finish and has succeeded again with EeSoffit.

With excitement, EeStairs has recently installed another staircase with EeSoffit, this time in the Sanibell project. The end result is stunning: a modern an minimalistic helical staircase, with a handrail that continues on the balustrades around the stairwell. The staircase fits perfectly in the building and all parties involved are very satisfied with the EeSoffit end result.

EeStairs, Niederlande