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The Carbon staircase we manufacture are particularly light and minimal, this is due to the unusually thin treads and risers. Carbon fibre is not only extremely lightweight but also incredibly strong; weight for weight, it has four times the strength of high-tensile steel, this allows us to specify treads at just 4 or 5mm thick with absolute confidence in the structural integrity. In contrast the treads on a timber equivalent stair are 40mm thick, 10 times thicker. All the carbon stairs are custom made to suit individual situations, each using a bespoke tool and constructed by hand. The treads are supplied individually and assembled using conventional fixing methods or bonded together with sophisticated adhesives, as used in the Aerospace industry and Formula 1. In terms of the design process, the Carbon stairs are the brainchild of Geoff Packer. Geoff continually seeks inspiration from nature, architecture and the new products ever present in the world of design. In the case of the N and C-stack, Geoff was inspired by some footstools; drawing upon his many years of experience he identified the shapes and lines that he found most attractive and used them as a starting point in developing a viable staircase concept.

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