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The designers, of a multi-level get-away/vacation home, desired a feature staircase and balustrade system to ultimately provide an architectural beauty between levels. EeStairs came on scene during the design stage of the project. Alternating between a 90˚ stair with mid landing and a natural curved staircase, the designers needed direction. After providing several ideas and options, EeStairs produced 3-D renderings of a proposed design option, which consequently sold the curved stair design. Included in this design was 3 ¼ inch thick walnut treads and curved glass balustrades with a curved stainless steel handrail.

Due to the complexity of the floating staircase, installing took place in two stages. First, the support mechanism was installed in the framing of the wall. Once the drywall was complete, the treads and railing could follow suit. This stage is the most complex since fixing and leveling the tread on the curved stringer is very difficult. In addition the treads where scribed and altered slightly in order to ensure precision and coordinating curvature of each component. This task eliminates the flaws and errors, which are outside of our control.

As well as the feature staircase, EeStairs installed second stair accessing the basement level as well glass railing around the second level outdoor balcony. Each aspect of this project was achieved with a high-level of determination, ultimately striving for customer satisfaction.

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