Vorgestellt:Salone del Mobile 2016, Mailand
Kategorien: WohnmöbelTischeEss- / Küchentische

Form and substance come together in Atelier, a family of tables with a geometric concept inspired by the legs of the artist's easel and designed by mist-o. The bases of the sculpted, generously-sized tables each have a different design of interwoven metal plates that provide both structure and decoration for this series, which has a high aesthetic impact. Atelier is the ultimate statement table, as its large size and quality materials make it the perfect centrepiece for any room. The new series, which adds to Frag's dining table collection, consists of two rectangular tables and a round version. The rectangular versions of Atelier, 300cm and 240cm, have two different bases. The first, more complex, consists of two crossover square units, with two horizontal central metal sheets added in the centre, enhancing the table's profile. The second base consists of a single rectangle whose minimalist silhouette is interrupted only by a horizontal metal sheet. The round version, with a diameter of 140cm, has a single base with the characteristic prism design of Atelier. In choosing the table tops, Frag has opted for a more classic feel with an elegant walnut tabletop, while the textured sand stone finish adds a contemporary air. In addition to the versions offered by Frag, the variety of bases gives the customer the freedom to customise the table's size to suit the room.

Länge2400 mm / 3000 mm
Breite100 mm
Höhe745 mm
Tischausführungmit Kufen
Form Tischplatterechteckig

Frag, Italien