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Via dei Boschi 2
33040 Pradamano (UD)

T: +39 0432 671375
F: +39 0432 670930

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Born from a passion for leather, Frag boasts a century of family tradition, rich with experience and professional expertise.

Frag is a leading specialist in leather chairs. Carefully selected natural hides, available in a wide range of finishing and colours, are created using the most modern production methods and then finished by hand with the skill, passion and care of a tradition that makes every Frag product both unique and perfect at the same time. Thanks to an extraordinary expertise, Frag transforms the traditional material of leather into a versatile and modern product, drawing inspiration from other fields like fashion and luggage design, such that the leather takes on both an aesthetic and functional/structural valence.

The cultural and technical resources of Frag are optimised by the creativity of designers commissioned by the company to contribute to its collections. Innovation in the use of materials, quality, purity of form and attention to detail are the main characteristics of the new products which will be presented at the Salone del Mobile 2007, in a further demonstration of the appropriateness and ductility of leather in responding to the needs of designers.

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