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Again by Philippe Bestenheider is the new Mogador table, which extends the family of tables that began last year with Tilos and Leros, tables that use leather as a thread. Designed for the dining room, Mogador is composed of a base with a pentagonal stai

nless steel tubing structure, which in turn creates triangular forms filled with leather laces with lively colours: from red to violet, from cigar to natural leather, giving them an impalpable texture. The glass top is round and the intentionally makes vi

sible the woven fabric below. In the version without interweaving, Mogador avoids mannerisms and showiness to give prominence instead to the neatness and formal rigour of the supporting structure, fitting in with chromatically more sober environments.


Höhe 740 mm
Durchmesser 1400 mm
Tischausführung mit Korpus
Form Tischplatte rund
Material Glas (nicht spezifiziert)
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Frag, Italien

Philippe Bestenheider